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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)Street View Text 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The Street View Text (SVT) dataset contains 647
words and 3796 letters in 249 images harvested from
Google Street View. The dataset is more challenging because text is present in different orientations, the variety of
fonts is bigger and the images are noisy. The format of
the ground truth is different from the previous experiment
as only some words are annotated (see Figure 11). Of the
annotated words the proposed method achieved a recall of
32.9% using the same evaluation protocol as in the previous
section (see Figure 12 for output examples)

K. Wang, B. Babenko, and S. Belongie. End-to-end scene
text recognition. In ICCV 2011

Kai Wang and Serge Belongie. Word Spotting in the Wild.
ECCV 2010 
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Files (#)249 
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Category (SKIPPED)Text Recognition, Text Detection 
Tags (single words, spaced)text, detection, recognition, classification, outdoor, urban 
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