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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)Speech-driven 3D Facial Motion Database (S3DFM) 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)ANN: dynamic 2D/3D speaking face dataset with synchronized audio

We would like to announce a new facial biometric dataset that has:
* 1 second of 500 frame per second IR intensity video (600*600 pixels)
* 1 second of 500 frame per second registered depth images (600*600 pixels)
* synchronized 44.1 Khz audio

There are 77 participants looking at the camera.
Each is speaking the same passphrase (Ni hao).
There are 10 repetitions for each person (for a total of 770 sets of data).

There are an additional 26 (*10 repetitions) participants that were
moving their heads while speaking the same passphrase.

The data can be used for a variety of purposes: IR based facial recognition/verification
3D facial recognition/verification, speech-based recognition/verification,
facial motion analysis, etc.

If the data is used, please cite:

Jie Zhang, Robert B. Fisher; 3D visual passcode: Speech-driven 3D facial dynamics for behaviometrics, Signal Processing, 2019, 160: 164-177.
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