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Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)We propose to use the visual denotations of linguistic expressions (i.e. the set of images they describe) to define novel denotational similarity metrics, which we show to be at least as beneficial as distributional similarities for two tasks that require semantic inference. To compute these denotational similarities, we construct a denotation graph, i.e. a subsumption hierarchy over constituents and their denotations, based on a large corpus of 30K images and 150K descriptive captions.
30k Image Caption Corpus
To produce the denotation graph, we have created an image caption corpus consisting of 158,915 crowd-sourced captions describing 31,783 images. This is an extension of our previous Flickr 8k Dataset. The new images and captions focus on people involved in everyday activities and events.

Please fill in the following form to request access to the Flickr 30k Dataset and the Denotation Graph. Note that the Flickr 30k Dataset includes images obtained from Flickr. Use of the images must abide by the Flickr Terms of Use. We do not own the copyright of the images. They are solely provided at the link below for researchers and educators who wish to use the dataset for non-commercial research and/or educational purposes.

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