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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)ModaNet and PaperDoll 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)ModaNet is a street fashion images dataset consisting of annotations related to RGB images. ModaNet provides multiple polygon annotations for each image. This dataset is described in a technical paper with the title ModaNet: A Large-Scale Street Fashion Dataset with Polygon Annotations. Each polygon is associated with a label from 13 meta fashion categories. The annotations are based on images in the PaperDoll image set, which has only a few hundred images annotated by the superpixel-based tool. The contribution of ModaNet is to provide new and extra polygon annotations for the images.

Thanks to the EvalAI team, we have ModaNet challenge leaderboard, please submit your best results there. It provides leaderboards for semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and object detection, all in COCO-style. We also provide the per-class IOU score for semantic segmentation task in stdout File. You might need to register an account in EvalAI.

Shuai Zheng, Fan Yang, M. Hadi Kiapour, Robinson Piramuthu. ModaNet: A Large-Scale Street Fashion Dataset with Polygon Annotations. ACM Multimedia, 2018. PDF 5.7MB 
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