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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)BarkTex 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)This image database contains a collection of 408 color textures for the
computer vision community. The pictures show the bark of six different European trees. The collection contains 68 images of each of the following species:

68 x birch (betula pendula)
68 x beech (fagus silvatica)
68 x picea abies
68 x pine (pinus silvestris)
68 x oak (quercus robur)
68 x robinia pseudacacia

All pictures were taken from different trees under natural lighting
conditions. This image collection was acquired for classification experiments in color texture analysis.

Access with Anonymous ftp:
Using anonymous ftp (login : anonymous, mdp : (empty)) :

cd outgoing/vision/Lakmann/BarkTex

Copyright 1998 by Raimund Lakmann, Koblenz University, Germany.
All rights reserved.

The following restrictions are directed to all users following the copyright instructions of the VisTex texture database: Permission to use, copy, modify, publicly display and distribute this database and/or the individual images in electronic or print form is hereby granted without fee provided that (i) all use of the images is solely for educational and research purposes; (ii) all distribution of the images is at no-cost, except for recovery of cost of the media; and (iii) the copyright notice and the authors name appear on all copies copies, and this permission notice is included with each distribution. You may also publish the images in scholarly journals to report research results without further permission from the author. Any other commercial distribution or publication of the images, in original or modified form, requires the prior written permission of the author. 
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Tags (single words, spaced)Bark, texture, computer vision, classification 
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