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Name (Institute + Shorttitle) Families In The Wild (FIW) Database. 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references) Families In The Wild (FIW) Database is the largest and most comprehensive database available for kinship recognition. FIW is made up of 11,932 natural family photos of 1,000 families-- nearly 10x more than the next-to-largest, Family-101 [7] database. Also, we have 656,954 image pairs split between the 11 relationship (see Figure 1), which is much larger than the 2nd to largest Kin-Wild II with 2,000 pairs for only 4 kinship types. For more information about FIW see [1].

Joseph P. Robinson, Ming Shao, Yue Wu, Hongfu Liu, Timothy Gillis, Yun Fu
Visual Kinship Recognition of Families in the Wild
IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence (TPAMI)
Special Issue: Computational Face, 2018
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