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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)Taskonomy 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The Taskonomy dataset consists of 3.9 Mil. Scenes, 600 Buildings, 25 Tags per Image, 1024 Resolution for taxonomy and transfer learning tasks. We provide a large and high-quality dataset of varied indoor scenes.

Complete pixel-level geometric information via aligned meshes.
Semantic information via knowledge distillation from ImageNet, MS COCO, and MIT Places.
Globally consistent camera poses. Complete camera intrinsics.
High-definition images.
3x times big as ImageNet.

Taskonomy: Disentangling Task Transfer Learning.
Zamir, Sax*, Shen*, Guibas, Malik, Savarese.
CVPR 2018 [Oral]
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Tags (single words, spaced)transfer learning taxonomy task deep indoor 3d mesh pose camera high-resolution 
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