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Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The Multi Vehicle Stereo Event Camera dataset is a collection of data designed for the development of novel 3D perception algorithms for event based cameras. Stereo event data is collected from car, motorbike, hexacopter and handheld data, and fused with lidar, IMU, motion capture and GPS to provide ground truth pose and depth images. In addition, we provide images from a standard stereo frame based camera pair for comparison with traditional techniques.

Event based cameras are a new asynchronous sensing modality that measure changes in image intensity. When the log intensity over a pixel changes above a set threshold, the camera immediately returns the pixel location of a change, along with a timestamp with microsecond accuracy, and the direction of the change (up or down). This allows for sensing with extremely low latency. In addition, the cameras have extremely high dynamic range and low power usage.

Please cite the following paper when using this work in an academic publication:

Zhu, A. Z., Thakur, D., Ozaslan, T., Pfrommer, B., Kumar, V., & Daniilidis, K. (2018). The Multi Vehicle Stereo Event Camera Dataset: An Event Camera Dataset for 3D Perception. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 3(3), 2032-2039.

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