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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)SBM-RGBD Dataset 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The SBM-RGBD dataset [provides] all facilities (data,
ground truths, and evaluation scripts) in order to evaluate
and compare scene background modelling methods for
moving object detection on RGBD videos. It includes
35 RGBD videos acquired by the Microsoft Kinect and
provided as synchronised colour and depth sequences. These
are representative of typical indoor visual data captured in
video surveillance and smart environment scenarios [...].

The videos span 7 categories, selected to include diverse
scene background modelling challenges for moving object
detection related only to the RGB channels, only to the
depth channel, or related to all the channels: Illumination
Changes, Color Camouflage, Depth Camouflage,
Intermittent Motion, Out of Sensor Range, Shadows, and

To enable a precise quantitative comparison and ranking
of various algorithms for moving object detection from
RGBD videos, each video comes with a set of pixel-wise
ground truth foreground segmentations. Moreover, the
dataset comes with tools to compute performance metrics
for moving object detection from RGBD videos, and thus
identify algorithms that are robust across various challenges.

The SBM-RGBD dataset has been created for the SBMRGBD
Challenge, organized in conjunction with the
Workshop on Background Learning for Detection and
Tracking from RGBD Videos (RGBD2017), but it will
remain available, together with the Challenge results, also
after the competition, as reference for future methods.

M. Camplani, L. Maddalena, G. Moy
Alcover, A. Petrosino, L. Salgado, A Benchmarking
Framework for Background Subtraction in RGBD videos,
in S. Battiato, G. Gallo, G.M. Farinella, M. Leo (Eds),
New Trends in Image Analysis and Processing-ICIAP
2017 Workshops, Lecture Notes in Computer Science,
Springer, 2017 
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