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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)Cornell Activity Datasets: CAD 60 & CAD 120 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The CAD-60 and CAD-120 data sets comprise of RGB-D video sequences of humans performing activities which are recording using the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

CAD-60 dataset features:
60 RGB-D videos
4 subjects: two male, two female, one left-handed
5 different environments: office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room
12 activities: rinsing mouth, brushing teeth, wearing contact lens, talking on the phone, drinking water, opening pill container, cooking (chopping), cooking (stirring), talking on couch, relaxing on couch, writing on whiteboard, working on computer
tracked skeletons
Each video come with RGB images, Depth images, and the tracked skeletons.

CAD-120 dataset features:
120 RGB-D videos of long daily activities
4 subjects: two male, two female, one left-handed
10 high-level activities: making cereal, taking medicine, stacking objects, unstacking objects, microwaving food, picking objects, cleaning objects, taking food, arranging objects, having a meal
10 sub-activity labels: reaching, moving, pouring, eating, drinking, opening, placing, closing, scrubbing, null
12 object affordance labels: reachable, movable, pourable, pourto, containable, drinkable, openable, placeable, closable, scrubbable, scrubber, stationary
tracked skeletons

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