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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)Matterport 2D-3D-Semantics Data 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The 2D-3D-S dataset provides a variety of mutually registered modalities from 2D, 2.5D and 3D domains, with instance-level semantic and geometric annotations. It covers over 6,000 m2 and contains over 70,000 RGB images, along with the corresponding depths, surface normals, semantic annotations, global XYZ images (all in forms of both regular and 360 equirectangular images) as well as camera information. It also includes registered raw and semantically annotated 3D meshes and point clouds. The dataset enables development of joint and cross-modal learning models and potentially unsupervised approaches utilizing the regularities present in large-scale indoor spaces.

In more detail, the dataset is collected in 6 large-scale indoor areas that originate from 3 different buildings of mainly educational and office use. For each area, all modalities are registered in the same reference system, yielding pixel to pixel correspondences among them. In a nutshell, the presented dataset contains a total of 70,496 regular RGB and 1,413 equirectangular RGB images, along with their corresponding depths, surface normals, semantic annotations, global XYZ OpenEXR format and camera metadata. In addition, we provide whole building 3D reconstructions as textured meshes, as well as the corresponding 3D semantic meshes. We also include the colored 3D point cloud data of these areas with the total number of 695,878,620 points, that has been previously presented in the Stanford large-scale 3D Indoor Spaces Dataset (S3DIS). 
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