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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)xawAR16 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The xawAR16 dataset is a multi-RGBD camera dataset, generated inside an operating room (IHU Strasbourg), which was designed to evaluate tracking/relocalization of a hand-held moving camera. Three RGBD cameras (Asus Xtion Pro Live) were used to record such a dataset. Two of them are rigidly mounted to the ceiling in a configuration allowing them to capture views from each side of the operating table. A third one is fixed to a display, which is held by a user who moves around the room. A reflective passive marker is attached to the moving camera and its ground-truth pose is obtained with a real-time optical 3D measurement system (infiniTrack system from Atracsys).

The dataset is composed of 16 sequences of time-synchronized color and depth images in full sensor resolution (640480) recorded at 25 fps, along with the ground-truth poses of the moving camera measured by the tracking device at 30 Hz. Each sequence shows different scene configurations and camera motion, including occlusions, motion in the scene and abrupt viewpoint changes. 
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