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Name (Institute + Shorttitle)Google Street View Pittsburgh Research 
Description (include details on usage, files and paper references)The Google Street View Pittsburgh Research dataset is a street-level image collection provided by Google for research purposes.

The dataset provided here contains an image sequence collected by a moving vehicle as part of the Street View feature in Google Maps. The dataset is being distributed to support and stimulate research in pose recovery, modeling, parsing, registration, recognition and annotation of imagery of urban and suburban environments.

The sequence (also referred to as a run) includes a low resolution
movie preview of the panoramic images for the vehicle run and the pose of the vehicle for each panorama location. The run also contains images obtained by reprojecting each high-resolution panoramic image into 5 separate views.

Details see included readme.txt and contacts available via email. 
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Files (#)50000 
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Category (SKIPPED)3D Reconstruction 
Tags (single words, spaced)3d, reconstruction, sfm, urban, pittsburgh, panorama 
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